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My Journey

I will be the first to admit that my University experience (degree wise) was a bit rough as I struggled each year with finding out what I wanted to do. While I eventually graduated with a Biology degree, I switched my major a total of five times in the pursuit of finding out what truly felt like Me™.

Leading up to my final semester I had a sort of “Marie Kondo” kind of moment of assessing my life before I entered the next stage - as I wanted to hone in on what truly “sparked joy” and pursue that passionately. I have a strong belief that the things that we pursue almost become a core part of our identities, so why not pursue something that has more synergy with what makes me, and by extension others, happy.

Looking back, I believe my own struggles manifested itself in the extracurriculars I pursued, as they all revolved around shaping experiences that helped other students find their footing and gain confidence in what they wanted to pursue, as I was empathetic to their own journey of finding the “right” start. I wasn’t personally aware of this trend but I didn’t want to continue living as someone who felt lost and uncertain.